Frequently Asked Questions

Please review all the frequently asked questions below. And if you still have questions, we’re always here to answering any question you have. Feel free to call or text us at 865-371-8095.

Is it safe?

Yes! All the services we offer have been FDA approved and are frequently used in medical spas and weight loss centers across the US. Our technicians are all certified and experienced to use all equipment that we use.

Why should I use these services?

Our ideal candidate for body sculpting is someone who is close to their ideal body weight and actively taking steps to become healthier. These procedures work best when combined with excercise, healthy eating and sufficient amounts of water consumption every day.

Those with pacemakers, diabetes, cardiac issues or vascular disease are not good candidates. Also, pregnant women cannot receive our treatments.

How can I prepare for my appointment?
  • Do not wear lotions, oils or makeup on area to be treated
  • Do not drink caffeine for 24 hours prior to session
  • Avoid alcohol for 48 hours before appointment
  • Drink 2-3 liters of water the day before the session
  • Do not eat 2 hours before appointment
  • Wear comfortable, stretcyh or loose clothing and items you won’t mind getting oils or gels on.
What is the recovery time?

Our procedures are non-surgical. This means we do not use any anesthesia, perform incisions and it leaves no scars. There is no downtime after receiving the services and little to no side effects. The only possible side effect would be minimal bruising to treated areas, light swelling and possible headaches if you haven’t drinking enough water. You can resume normal activities immediately after the appointment, including working out.

How quickly does it work?

Most of our clients will see results immediately. However, some may experience swelling after the treatment and thus won’t see optimal results until day 3-6 after treatments. All customers will have the option to have before and after photos and measurements taken in the office and encouraged to take them at home on day 6.

Are results permanent?

Results can be permanent as long as the client maintains them. It’s similar to losing weight through excercise and healthy eating. If you keep working out and eating healthy, then the weight stays off but if you start eating poorly, the weight comes back. With our services, as long as you maintain your healthy habits, the results will remain.

What are the pros and cons?


  • Body sculpting is painless, leaves no scars, and requires no anesthesia. 
  • Recovery time is minimal to nonexistent, and side effects like mild bruising and redness are rare. 
  • Body sculpting is much less expensive than surgical procedures that yield the same results, even with a series of multiple treatment sessions.  
  • Each treatment is relatively quick, taking less than an hour for most patients. 
  • Results are considered permanent when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise. 


  • It’s a real commitment. Most people need at least three (and up to 9) weekly treatments to see their desired results. 
  • It takes up to three months after your last treatment to see your final results. 
  • Like liposuction and other fat reduction treatments, this isn’t a weight-loss procedure. To be a good candidate, you’ll need to be already at (or close to) your goal weight and looking only to remove a stubborn fat deposit. 
How does this compare to cool sculpting and other non-invasive weight loss procedures?

Coolsculpting: As the name implies, Coolsculpting uses controlled cooling to freeze fat cells (called Cryolipolysis). This process kills the cells by causing them to collapse. Once they’ve collapsed, other cells come in to consume them.

Body Sculpting Treatments: Our sessions use three distinct modalities to target stubborn fat:

  1. The first modality is ultrasound, which uses low frequency sound waves to permanently destroy fat cells.
  2. The second is radiofrequency, which uses a thermal effect to heat the skin and cause collagen tissues to regroup and contract, creating a lifting effect.
  3. The third is microcurrent, which uses low levels of energy to repair skin at a cellular level. 

 We consider body sculpting to be superior to Coolsculpting for the following reasons:

  1. Yes, both treatments boast less pain, risks, side-effects, downtime and recovery than surgery. However, body sculpting procedures are much more gentle and associated with fewer side effects than Coolsculpting. The risks with Cryolipolysis are due to the body’s exposure to cold temperatures.
  2. Following a body sculpting session, you will see immediate results. On the other hand, Coolsculpting can take weeks to work. 
  3. While both treatments destroy fat, body sculpting does so much more to contour the body. As stated above, Radiofrequency and Microcurrent are also included in this three-pronged approach to body-sculpting and fat burning. As a result, it’s a great option to tighten, tone and repair skin at the cellular level.
  4. Generally speaking, the body sculpting cost per session is less than the Coolsculpting price.